……………PR is often a key success factor in the current US apparel market, particularly in the area of casual fashion. Many brands have inflated prices based not on inherent value in the clothing, but due to value added by PR. Bucking this trend, we wanted to make a clothing brand with authenticity at its core. Believing that there was a market out there of people who also seek authenticity, V::ROOM was launched in July 2004, based on close attention to detail and no compromise on quality of materials, cut or sewing. As a result, the price range is relatively higher than other casual brands, but V::ROOM has been well received since the beginning. And V::ROOM has been growing steadily since. In spring 2008, V::ROOM officially expanded its distribution in Europe.


Simple Superieur

…………….We think that simplicity and substance are the most important elements for men’s clothing. However, fashion is much more than simple, basic manufactured goods. With V::ROOM basic wear, our clothing speaks for itself. Each piece is made with high-quality materials and designed for comfort, with contemporary style modestly expressed through minimal details, coloring and textures. Our mission at V::ROOM is to create clothing for which the authenticity and integrity of the brand is obvious in each piece.


Article characteristics

V::ROOM’s simple and sophisticated casual clothing is made of very fine new textiles that are still rare in the market, such as cotton/cashmere, silk/cashmere, silk/cotton, and cashmere/silk. One of the exclusive features of V::ROOM is its raising effect, where luxurious cotton/cashmere and cotton are deliberately washed after application of four-needle flat seams.